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CB Hoyo "Write Your Own Corny Quote Here" Print

CB Hoyo "Write Your Own Corny Quote Here" Print

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CB Hoyo
Write Your Own Corny Quote Here, 2022
Offset Print
8.3 x 11.7 in


Accompanied by a set of crayons for the collectors to create a personal corny quote. Released on 7/14/2022.

My Instagram feed is usually filled with posts of people taking photos in front of art; almost all have some corny inspirational, pseudo-intellectual, or motivational caption. Look at some of these people's profiles. You'll find hundreds if not thousands of photos of them standing in front of other people's art and making weird faces as if they knew something about what they're looking at. In all honesty, I have nothing against them, but they annoy the living hell out of me. This piece is a reflection of it.” - CB Hoyo

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