Collection: BMFT | Artist Biography

Brendan Taylor, better known to the world as BMFT, is a renowned glass artist known for his one-of-a-kind "flips" that act as intricate drawings on the surface of the glass. Originally from Rockville, Maryland, Brendan now makes his home in Denver, Colorado, where he creates whimsy works of art that are both innovative and inspiring. Inspired by the world around him, BMFT lets the form of each piece guide his creative flow, resulting in unique works that showcase his artistic vision and often feature playful motifs like sunflowers, dragons and pizza. BMFT prioritizes clean lines and a "crispy" aesthetic, striving for originality in every creation.

Brendan's artistic journey began not with a torch, but with a microphone. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., he immersed himself in skating and music, rapping under the moniker "Stepladder." This DIY spirit would translate perfectly into his future career path. By his late teens, the desire for creative freedom and a departure from the conventional led him to Tucson, Arizona. While working unfulfilling service jobs and playing music with a local band, BMFT found himself drawn to the world of glassblowing after encountering a group of glassblowers at a nearby studio. Artists like Web (AKA Test1 @test1ne), Micah Blatt (@fatheadglass), Calvin Mickle (AKA Calm @calmbo), Eusheen (@eusheen), and Natey Biskind (@nateylove) became his circle of influence, and after much encouragement, BMFT gave glassblowing a try in 2009. He absorbed knowledge from his friends and honed his skills working as a production artist alongside Devol (@devoldidit) and Karl Taylor (@grimmglass), focusing on wigwags, readys, and linework. His dedication was fueled by a belief that glassblowing, like playing video games, demands constant practice and a relentless pursuit of mastery. Through hard work, serendipity, and countless hours spent at the torch, BMFT found his own voice. He wasn't satisfied with replicating existing styles, and this drive for originality led to the creation of the milk bottle and tetrapod designs – both of which became cornerstones of his collaborative work. BMFT credits glassblowing with saving his life, showing him a way to express his creativity in a medium that yielded constant challenges and endless possibilities. His artistic journey continued with collaborations in Philadelphia with artists like Slinger (@marble.slinger) and Germ Glass (AKA Jeremy Grant-Levine @germ_glass) and a move to Athens, Georgia, where he reunited with Eusheen. This period coincided with the 2012 legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and like many glassblowers, BMFT set his sights on Denver. Alongside Alex Ubatuba (@alexubatuba), Ryan Kuhns (@kuhnsglass) and Calm, he became a founding member of The Portal where the camaraderie and collaborative spirit further fueled his creative fire. Over the years, BMFT has garnered recognition for his work. He won Best Milli Set at CHAMPS Denver in 2022, participated in events like The Pipe Classic in 2014, and served as a judge for numerous flameworking competitions. His glass art has been exhibited at venues like Glass Vegas, Mins, Glass House Gallery, and is even carried by the very shops he frequented in his youth.

Today, Brendan is a fixture in the glassblowing scene. He finds immense satisfaction in creating art that sparks joy, a stark contrast to his experiences in music and skating. Looking back, Brendan feels a deep sense of accomplishment, having achieved the goals he once set for himself, such as collaborating with glass icons like Banjo and successfully executing numerous solo shows. But more importantly, he's found a community that embraces his creative spirit and a medium that allows him to push the boundaries of what's possible. His message to aspiring glassblowers is a simple one: immerse yourself in the craft, embrace creativity, and approach the art form with dedication and respect. Brendan's passion for glassblowing is infectious, and his story serves as a testament to the transformative power of artistic pursuit.