Collection: Piper Dan | Artist Biography

Piper Dan, born Daniel Benway, is an acclaimed American glassblower celebrated for his intricate and vibrant borosilicate millefiori and marbles. He was one of the first borosilicate murrine makers and is considered a pioneer of the underground glass pipe scene. Dan is best known for the innovative, layered scenes in his marbles that frequently feature (modern and ancient) architecture, cherry blossoms, mushrooms and more. Some of his most popular series include Skyline I, Skyline II, Ghost City, Eastern Pagoda (Asanoha), Nightline, and Viceline.

Dan Benway, raised in Minnesota but lived in Humboldt County, California, was inspired by Bob Snodgrass's artwork on the Grateful Dead lot and began carving pipe stone in the early 90s, earning the nickname "Piper Dan." He taught himself glassblowing in 1995 and made pipes until 1998, when he stopped to focus on marbles that often incorporated Grateful Dead and Phish imagery at the time. Within a year, he became known for other glass styles, such as faceted and paddled crystals, which later expanded into his famous crystal clusters. In the early/mid 2000s, he developed his own style and became one of the first to incorporate techniques such as pinwheeling, dotstacking, and retticellos into his marbles, creating some of his first skyline marbles that would evolve into later series that epitomize his oeuvre.

While he is known for his technical skill and artistic vision, Piper Dan is a passionate advocate for the art of glassblowing and a highly respected artist in the community. He has won numerous awards, including the 1st Tucson Flame Off in 2002. He has also demonstrated at the GAS (Glass Art Society) Conference, and his work has been exhibited in numerous galleries near and far. Piper Dan is a true innovator in the field of glassblowing and his work is known for its beauty, complexity, and originality. Now based in Evergreen, Colorado, Daniel Benway continues to be a master of his craft and create artwork that is highly sought-after by collectors all over the world.