Collection: Vincent Gordon | Artist Biography

Vincent Gordon is a Denver-based artist whose signature style is a dynamic explosion of pop culture references, lowbrow aesthetics, and intricate details that function like modern hieroglyphics. He encourages viewers to become active participants, searching for hidden easter eggs and weaving their own narratives through his work. Fueled by exploration and experimentation, Vincent meticulously crafts a micro universe where we can witness the whimsical interplay between his ever-evolving characters.

Vincent Gordon's artistic journey began in his youth, shaped by his diverse family background and the contrasting environments of Chicago's south side and suburbs. This exposure to different cultures and social realities fueled his artistic spirit and rebellious nature. From childhood drawings on foggy windows to doodles on napkins and even the church bible, his creativity knew no bounds. Discouraged by some who saw art as an impractical career choice, Vincent found unwavering support in his grandmother. She nurtured his artistic spirit, even buying him his first computer and art supplies. In addition to spending the majority of his time in the art wing, his early artistic development included an apprenticeship with sculptor / professor, Jeff Thompson. After high school, Vincent explored different paths, from growing medical cannabis to corporate work and moving from LA to Fort Collins before finally settling in San Diego. Early in his career, Vincent found himself wrestling with the corporate world, yearning for a creative outlet. In the early 2000s, he made a pivotal decision. He left the corporate grind behind and dedicated himself fully to art. This period of immersion led to the development of Vincent's signature style. He describes it as a "bastardization of all the things he loves," a vibrant tapestry woven from pop culture influences and lowbrow art with a "Where's Waldo?" element of shrouded symbols. In 2008, he co-founded The Infusion Project, an artist collective focused on empowering artists. During this time, Vincent's character-based cartoon collage matured and his live painting career really took off. With the desire to be more centrally located, Vincent left San Diego to continue the The Infusion Project tradition in Denver. It is here that he further expanded his artistic reach and influence by organizing local events, touring the country live painting and collaborating with other artists & brands. From forming the "Melty Bros" with Aaron Brooks to co-creating with his brother, Isaiah Gordon, collaborations serve as a vital part of Vincent's work. His collaborations often extend beyond the canvas. Through public art and accessible merchandise, like his wearable creations with Grassroots and PBR-sponsored murals, Vincent is able to bring his art to the masses.

Looking ahead, Vincent seeks more collaborative opportunities, reveling in the energy of creating with like-minded individuals. For him, the meaning of life lies in finding happiness, achieving balance, and contributing meaningfully to his community. Vincent Gordon's art is a spirited testament to the power of embracing your unique perspective and the joy found in the exploration of creativity.