Collection: Lyons | Artist Biography

Sam Lyons (AKA Lyons Glass) is a renowned glass artist known for his vibrant and innovative citrus-themed borosilicate glass art. Born and raised in a nurturing Vermont household, his artistic journey began when he was 15, sparked by both cannabis and glassblowing. Witnessing a young couple practicing the craft on his family's property ignited a passion that would shape his future.

Beginning with his artist mother who always encouraged his exploration, Lyons' passion was fueled by supportive mentors like celebrated American glassblowers, Peter Muller and Joe Peters. He honed his skills early experimenting in his home studio and attending classes, eventually securing a spot in a prestigious scientific glassblowing program at Salem Community College in New Jersey. Though, his studies were cut short due to (lame) unforeseen circumstances. However, Sam's resilience shone through.

While assisting Elbo, a prominent American glassblower and visual artist known for his dinosaur motif, Lyons learned sculpting, themes, and the business side of the medium. Later, working with Joe Peters, he mastered color manipulation and developed his signature citrus theme, influenced by Peters' honeycomb work. Inspired by the vibrant colors and textures of citrus fruits, Sam developed his now-iconic "juicer" pieces. These works masterfully blend technical skill with playful aesthetics, showcasing Lyons' unique talent and dedication to his craft. Now based in Denver, Sam Lyons looks forward to expanding his repertoire and is excited about the growing glassblowing community, with its global reach and strong sense of camaraderie.