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Chuck Sperry Gogol Bordello, Amsterdam 2013 Art Card

Chuck Sperry Gogol Bordello, Amsterdam 2013 Art Card

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Chuck Sperry
Gogol Bordello
Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands 2013
Art Card
Approx. 8.5 x 5.5 in

This poster is inspired by my stay in Milan, Italy a few years ago. In Milan I lived and worked in Centro Sociale Leoncavallo. The core group that held the occupied squat together (where I had my print studio) was the Mamme Antifasciste. The “Antifascist Mammas” are a strong, fine group of women who wove the fabric of society within the social center. They cooked food for everyone every night, taught Italian, organized meetings, gathered demonstrations, and projected plans for the squat and it’s guests. The “Mammas” have reached out to women and mothers throughout the world to participate in struggles in Chiapas, in Argentina, in Palestine, and locally in Italy. The figure in my poster draws from inspirational fighters of the partisan movements of WWII and the spirit of these movements right up to the present day. - CS

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