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Felipe Pantone "Subtractive Variability Compact 2" Sculpture

Felipe Pantone "Subtractive Variability Compact 2" Sculpture

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Felipe Pantone
Subtractive Variability Compact 2, 2022
UV paint, PMMA, pulleys
18.5 x 18 x 2 in / 9.921 lb
Edition of 200

Hand Signed & Numbered by the artist

Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, original artist packaging and gloves. Released on 10/5/2022. Edition entirely created and produced at Felipe Pantone's Studio in Valencia, Spain.

“This piece summarizes, in the most minimal, concise, and pedagogical manner, the way in which color works. It allows the viewer to interact with the artwork and to witness the formation of color as they touch the piece; a sort of induced synesthesia between touch and sight.”
- Felipe Pantone

Subtractive Variability Compact 2 applies the characteristics and essence of Felipe´s works and the core idea of Configurable Art, where the piece is activated by manipulating the three-color disc of PMMA with UV paint, creating a universe of shades. The edition embodies the fundamental aspects of the artist´s practice such as motion, light, and color variances.

The construction of the subtractive color model allowed the standardization of printing around the world and was quickly adapted to industrial means of production. Each historical moment is accompanied by the visuality that allows its technological development, with CMY being the model that refers to a universe built from the notions of development, speed, connectivity, globalization, and industrialization; a leitmotiv in Pantone’s work.

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