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James Jean "Chine" Print

James Jean "Chine" Print

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James Jean
Chine, 2023
Archival Print on Cotton Rag Paper
Print: 20 x 16 in | Image and border: 18-1/8 in x 15-1/8 in
Edition of 541

Hand Signed + Numbered by the artist

Energy courses through the spine like glucose through the stalk of a plant. It sprouts tendrils and flowers that reach for the light. My friend experienced a serious car accident that damaged her back, and through patience and prayer, her body slowly healed itself. Fragile yet strong, the body is a tangle of contradictions. Such is also the contradiction in printmaking: the slicing of sharp blades and the acupressure of metal dies into the soft cotton rag paper. The paper, like skin, absorbs the ink into its fibers, staining the cellulose with pigments from the earth. Chine features a dimensional and intricate framing element that is carefully integrated into the sculpted image, transforming the print edition into a new work evolved from the original painting.

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