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James Jean "Descendent VI" Print

James Jean "Descendent VI" Print

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James Jean
Descendent VI, 2024 
Archival Print on Cotton Rag Paper
Image size: 19 x 17-1/2 in | Paper size: 22 x 20 in
Edition 817


Descendent VI was originally created as the key visual for James Jean’s traveling museum exhibition, Eternal Spiral III - James Jean, at Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, China, designed by Pritzker Prize–winning architect, Fumihiko Maki.

The Descendent is drawn into the depths by a variety of sea creatures. A goldfish swims alongside the boy, symbolizing abundance. The octopus, with each of its legs representing the eight cardinal directions, wraps around the Descendent’s shoe, guiding his path through turbulent waters. Floating alongside the Descendent are jellyfish, which not only symbolize immortality but also embody the thoughts of the boy as he descends ever deeper into the ocean, figments of his bioluminescent imagination bubbling up to the surface.

In a new innovation adding to the distinct multi process printmaking practice of James Jean and Brad Keech, the hand drawn tendrils of the jellyfish are printed in 3D onto the paper in incredible detail. In addition, the print features multiple sculpted and foil stamped embellishments.

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