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James Jean "Santiago" Print

James Jean "Santiago" Print

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James Jean
Santiago, 2022
Archival Print on Cotton Rag Paper
Print size: 15-5/9 x 11-5/9 in | Frame size: 16 x 12 x 1 in
Edition of 200

Hand Signed + Numbered by the artist

In the wasteland of the North, there is a dark sea. In it swims a fish of incalculable length. His name is K’un. He transforms into P’eng, an enormous bird with wings that span the sky and create cyclones in their wake. A fisherman, Santiago, rides on top of P’eng and hopes to harpoon something valuable in the swirling northern sea.

Much like how the painting Santiago creates an amalgam of Eastern and Western storytelling and mythology, this new limited edition represents a further innovation in the multi-process prints of James Jean, transforming the lushly embellished print into a hangable object that can be appreciated in all dimensions. In our most complex and technically ambitious edition yet, Santiago features a built in wood frame adorned with intricate raised details that are drawn from the personal hieroglyphics of Jean’s universe. As always, each print and frame is hand assembled with exacting precision, creating a harmonious object that occupies a space between printmaking, painting, and sculpture.

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