Collection: Hallie Cat | Artist Biography

Hallie Cat AKA Hallie Krebs, an East Coast transplant now thriving in Denver, is a glass artist renowned for her innovative approach. Her work seamlessly blends homage to Impressionism with personal narratives, all rendered in a captivating "glass painting" technique. These introspective pieces are juxtaposed with playful Tetris-inspired sculptures, offering a unique, interactive experience for collectors. This versatility highlights Hallie's artistic range, but a unifying element remains constant: texture. Her pieces are meant to be touched, inviting viewers to engage with the art in a way she herself craved during museum visits.

A pivotal moment in Hallie's artistic journey came during a high school trip to The Corning Museum of Glass. The mesmerizing artistry ignited a passion that would forever shape her path. While studying sculpture at the University of New Hampshire, she began an apprenticeship with a local pipe maker, expanding her initial perception of the medium beyond sterile museum settings. After college, a move to Philadelphia brought her into a vibrant community of glass artists like Marble Slinger and Amber Cowan. These collaborations proved to be a turning point, fostering artistic growth and self-discovery.

Today, Hallie thrives in Denver, witnessing the exciting transformation of the borosilicate glass industry due to marijuana legalization. She draws a parallel between this shift and the artistic revolution of the Impressionists and Fauvists in response to technological and social change. Hallie's work transcends the visual, offering a tactile connection that reflects her own yearning for a deeper engagement with art. Whether through her textured landscapes or playful interactive sculptures, Hallie invites viewers into a world of vibrant color and personal stories.