Collection: Kellie Thurston | Artist Biography

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Kellie Thurston is an artist who imbues motifs from the natural world with the essence of Western Americana through the meticulous art of cameo carving. Her artistic journey began in the heart of the music festival scene, where she encountered the world of pipe culture. This initial spark ignited a passion for the transformative potential of glass.

Having a background in painting and drawing, Kellie found a perfect fit in glass engraving. The medium resonated with her artistic sensibilities, allowing her to translate her visions onto different glass color combinations. Collaboration is a cornerstone of Kellie's creative process. Her partner, Dan Longden, meticulously prepares the glass canvases that serve as the foundation for her artwork. This collaborative spirit also extends beyond their partnership. Notably, she's enjoyed co-creating pieces with Avery York, resulting in works they both admire. A turning point came in 2022 when Kellie took an intensive course taught by renowned glass artist Ryan Tanner (Rye Glass). This experience solidified cameo engraving as Kellie's artistic pursuit, and her gratitude for that transformative week is ever-present.

Finding inspiration in nature and the vast landscapes of the American West, Kellie's engravings depict scenes and creatures brought to life with a keen eye for detail and a playful use of color. Kellie's dedication to the medium and her love for the natural world are evident in every exquisite detail she carves into the glass. Her artistic journey is a testament to the power of passion, collaboration, and the constant pursuit of inspiration.