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Felipe Pantone "Subtractive Variability Manipulable 6" Sculpture

Felipe Pantone "Subtractive Variability Manipulable 6" Sculpture

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Felipe Pantone
Subtractive Variability Manipulable 6, 2023
UV paint, PMMA, UHS Lacquer, linear slide bearings, aluminum
7.08 x 21.26 (25.59 fully extended) x 2.83 in / 12.13 lb
Edition of 200

Hand Signed & Numbered by the artist. Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, original artist packaging and gloves. Edition entirely created and produced at Felipe Pantone's Studio in Valencia, Spain.

The latest kinetic sculpture Subtractive Variability Manipulable 6 for Configurable Art, centers on the central concept of the SVC series, emphasizing the constant investigation of color and light by Felipe Pantone.

The impeccable aluminum mechanism gently slides the three-color PMMA panels creating in each movement a spectrum of colors, revealing the outstanding design specifically made for the piece, showcasing the key elements found in Felipe Pantone's artistic approach of movement, variations in light, and color. These pieces actively engage viewers, involving them in creating the artwork with every shift in their position. 

Felipe Pantone's artwork transcends mere reliance on color; instead, it delves deep into the essence, seeking to embody its purest form. Through his relentless exploration of subtractive colors and their dynamic interactions, Pantone constructs a sculptural marvel that serves as a harmonious playground for the captivating fluctuations and metamorphoses of subtractive variability.

This creation, vulnerable to the viewer's intervention, emerges as a delicate yet powerful testament to Pantone's investigation. Limited to an edition of only 200 pieces, each one signed and numbered by Felipe Pantone, SVM6 stands as a testament to the artist's commitment to quality and innovation.
The entire production process has taken place at Felipe Pantone's Studio in Valencia, Spain, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a truly authentic experience.
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