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Shepard Fairey "Pattern of Denial" Print

Shepard Fairey "Pattern of Denial" Print

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Shepard Fairey
Pattern of Denial, 2023
Screen print on thick cream Speckletone paper
18 x 24 in
Edition of 550

Hand Signed & Numbered by the artist. Accompanied by Digital Certificate of Authenticity provided by Verisart.

The Pattern of Denial print is an examination of image versus reality. The image is inspired by the sleek and idealized mid-century architecture of both deluxe homes and deluxe factories from which the power and products for these homes is generated. Endless power from fossil fuels was a naive driver of the American dream for several decades, but we know better now that there are environmental consequences to powering our deluxe lifestyles with fossil fuels. No matter how slick and seductive the packaging may be, fossil fuel corporations know that they are wrecking the planet… they know from their own internal scientific research, which they hid while telling the public “everything is fine and beautiful here.” Don’t be deceived or sedated… and vote with your conscience, not your lifestyle aspirations, because future generations lives depend on it! Without action, every hollow noise we make is our swan song.
– Shepard

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